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Essential Vitamins for Good Vision

* This is a guest post by Sara For many people, vitamins are rather elusive. After all, there is so much contradictory information available about vitamins that it’s no wonder why so many people are confused by it. The fact is, vitamins play a crucial role in health maintenance; especially with vision.   While everyone’s… Continue Reading

4 Reasons Food Tattoos Are So Popular

* This is a guest post by Janet You look delicious; I could just eat you up. Seriously. Your tattoo is making me hungry. A while back, Adam and Wendy posted an awesome collection of food tattoo pics. From sweet treats to salty meats, food tattoos are growing in popularity. Everybody loves to eat, sure,… Continue Reading

Foods to Ease Morning Sickness

  The majority of pregnant women experiences some morning sickness during their nine months, so if you are feeling nauseous, throw up on a regular basis, and are experiencing general abdominal discomfort, you are not alone! Morning sickness is seen as one of the most unpleasant pregnancy signs. But when you are feeling rough, it… Continue Reading