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4 Reasons Food Tattoos Are So Popular

* This is a guest post by Janet You look delicious; I could just eat you up. Seriously. Your tattoo is making me hungry. A while back, Adam and Wendy posted an awesome collection of food tattoo pics. From sweet treats to salty meats, food tattoos are growing in popularity. Everybody loves to eat, sure,… Continue Reading

Foods to Ease Morning Sickness

  The majority of pregnant women experiences some morning sickness during their nine months, so if you are feeling nauseous, throw up on a regular basis, and are experiencing general abdominal discomfort, you are not alone! Morning sickness is seen as one of the most unpleasant pregnancy signs. But when you are feeling rough, it… Continue Reading

The Truth About Chocolate and Health Benefits

* This is a guest post by Kitty Holman Recently, chocolate has been getting mixed reviews from physicians, scientists, and mothers across the country. For years, people blamed the sugary confection for their expanding waist lines, acne problems, and caffeine jitters. But more research is being presented that claims not all chocolate is this sinister,… Continue Reading

Food Bloggers: Culinary School Wants your Cooking Skills

Hi and thanks all for your kind comments of last week, fortunately I’m better now. As introduction this week, I’ve a delicious, short and very tempting proposal for my food-blogger-readers:   A culinary school is looking for food bloggers to write about their recipes. Just pick a recipe from their website and write about it… Continue Reading

Celebrity Eating Habits

  When it comes to celebrity lifestyles, celebrity food habits are as interesting as celebrity fashion, dating, tattoos and celebrity offspring. Take Angelina Jolie, for instance, mother of six with fellow celebrity, Brad Pitt. Though a self-proclaimed McDonald’s and Cheerios junkie, Jolie kicks it up a notch when training for action roles, such as Laura… Continue Reading