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Awarded with a Uber Amazing Blog Award! And the same goes to these Super Foodies…

Wow I’ve just received my first award at the blogosphere…I’ve been awarded off line but this is the first with my blog 🙂 The Uber Amazing Blog Award (synonym to Super) came from the marvelous-food-blogger Megan at Megan’s Munchies. I love your outstanding delicious post…thanks so much Megan!! I’m really delighted that you consider my… Continue Reading

Wine Thanks and Schedule Poll

I want to thank in this post for all the recognitions of every kind, the good vibes and the great social media feedback I’ve obtained of the sweet white wines article, principally at stumbleupon and twitter, to mention only a few. The wine is fascinating, rich to explore in all its facets and I’ve just… Continue Reading

Sweet White Wines – Instant Smiles

“What is the definition of a good wine? It should start and end with a smile.” -William Sokolin Dessert wines, liqueur wines, fortified wines or choose the name you want depending of its origin, but…why we cannot call to this sweet wine club – awesome wines! Sigh…I feel better now…it’d be your palate which gives… Continue Reading

Why Food Bloggers and Foodies Should Enter Into the Twitter World

Human beings are sociable by nature, we need to interact between us. Twitter is a tool and a community where you can establish conversations, make relationships and to be entertaining. If you’re already using it, in this post you’ll discover more interesting people to follow as well as resources and seductive links (it’s impossible to… Continue Reading

Cheeses and Tiramisu Dessert Making a Gift in Your Mouth

Let’s make a quick thought: the cheese doesn’t exist anymore, impossible, isn’t it? The cheese is present everywhere and it’s hard to imagine not having the cottage, parmesan, blue-type, gouda, cheddar..countless different kinds of cheese that exists in the world. A dish likes macaroni and cheese, without the last loses all meaning. The pasta is… Continue Reading