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45+ Food Blogs that Deserve Your Attention

At the blogosphere there’s an infinite collection of excellent food blogs covering practically what you can dream: reviews, recipes, traditional foods, ethnic foods, healthy-style, vegan and your imagination is the limit. I’ve made a roundup of interesting updated food blogs that you might read – subscribe – comment – socialize with the get the… Continue Reading

Poll: How Important is Your Sweet Tooth?

I like polls and I know many of you like them! After finished my last poll only for manage the days of my posting (the result for majority…the days don’t matter) I’ll begin to make what we summarized in my post 9 pictures worth thousands of words for this new year! New sections will be… Continue Reading

Which Are Your Worst Temptations?

For my Sweets Foods loyal & new readers Happy New Year 2009!! I truly hope that you’ve had recently wonderful times and they’ll continue for this incipient year!! Now straight to the point: you’ve noticed that on these dates your mind plays with you…what am I talking about? Temptations…everywhere and every time… Which are your… Continue Reading

Turron Torrone Nougat – Tempting Confectioneries You Should Enjoy!

The holidays season is coming quickly and it’s impossible not mention a classical dessert on these dates…principally Turron,Torrone! I know that it isn’t consumed in every country – it’s traditional in which have influence basically Spain and Italy. It’s a beautiful and very tasty sweet desired for these holidays typically a winter-dessert! But you know… Continue Reading