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Culinary Art School Classes for Becoming a Chef, Cooking for Fun or Simply Food Passion? (Poll) and Salad Poll Result

Why all these culinary cooking, professional or not questions? After my very short break (really little) with the last summer flashes, I’ve stayed and meet several people in the food & homemade gourmet industry. How vast and diverse is the culinary world with chefs, event catering, modern/country restaurants, cooking schools or institutes…and certainly foodies! Therefore… Continue Reading

Poll: Which Are Your Preferred Salads? and Sweet Tooth Poll Results

The poll about the level of your sweet tooth has ended with very interesting responses and votes!Several different sweet points were in the comments…by the way thanks to every one! The result about your Sweet Tooth: Huge – Immense : 11 (40%)Middle Range: 7 (25%)Little – Petit: 7 (25%)No Way: 2 (7%) Conclusion: although there’s… Continue Reading

3 Outstanding Food Bloggers have Tagged Me!

I’ve been multi-tagged by Jo (The Adventures of Kitchen Girl) and Shelby of Grumpy’s Honeybunch at my profile at Facebook not long ago. Now Elra (Elra’s Cooking) has tagged me too…there’s no escape 😉 The essence is the same – to know more about me – so here we go: Diamonds or pearls/Diamant ou perle?… Continue Reading