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How To Get Weight Loss Results You Want By Cutting Out Big Meals

cutting out meals

Many people on the planet have probably one dilemma in mind when it comes to their bodies and that is how they can possibly lose some weight. You are probably one of those individuals who have heard about countless methods and techniques on how to possibly lose a few of those pounds. You might have…

Creating the Best Menu for Your Restaurant

restaurant menu

A restaurant menu is the key player in many aspects of the business. It is the only chance the chef gets to communicate with the customer before they decide to order at that establishment, and for that reason it needs to convey the style, the favorite dishes, the quality of the food and the personality…

How to Start a Food Blog – The Ultimate Guide to Successful Food Blogging

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People are now more critical on the presentation of food than ever. Coupled with the taste, uniqueness and the awesomeness of the ingredients, the look of the plating is what gives the food a more palatable experience. All these features are what we commonly see in a food blog. But what are the other elements…

Shawarma: The Arabian Taco

Shawarma The Arabian Taco

  If you’re one of the very few who has watched Marvel’s The Avengers movie (yes, I’m being ironic), you may have noticed a scene where Tony Stark (played by Robert Downey Jr.) mentions a famous Middle Eastern dish: “There’s a Shawarma joint about two blocks from here,” he says, “I don’t know what it…

Top 10 Food Items a Lifestyle Entrepreneur Can Consume in 2013

Food Items a lifestyle Entrepreneur Can Consume in 2013

Entrepreneurs are very busy people. However, if you’re a businessperson, it doesn’t mean that you can ignore your health. Always keep in mind that health is wealth. If you are a physically fit and healthy person, you can do whatever you want. It is important that you determine the top 10 food items a lifestyle…

Complex Carbs and Low GI Foods Promote Health

Good carb and Bad carb

  There is a difference between good or complex and bad or simple carbohydrates. Good carbs promote health, get absorbed slowly into the body, and help us to avoid blood sugar level fluctuations and spikes. Bad carbs are in the form of processed and refined carbohydrates and include refined grains, added sugar, and white sugar….

10 Ways and Tips To Lose Belly Fat

tips to lose belly fat

  There isn’t special diet, a magic pill or something that will quickly melt excess fat in your stomach. Eating healthy plus more physical activity, and practicing these two things in a while, is a winning combination for losing belly fat. Although for our body look usually we think during the spring period, because everyone…

Middle Eastern Food and its Health Benefits

Middle Eastern Food and its Health Benefits

  Middle Eastern Food-An Overview Culturally rich Middle East has a wide range of food items as part of its traditional cuisine. Middle East is a cross road between Asia, Africa, and Europe spreading from across vast desert and Mediterranean Coast. You can notice influence of various cultures and religion in this cuisine. Pork is…