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Last Post on Blogger – Winner CSN Giveaway

Quick Update: Feb 21, 2011 Today I’ve partially transferred successfully the IntenseDebate comments after several attempts and methods! This move generated hundreds of broken links and I need to update also hundreds of comments. So next days, I’ll be fixing all this stuff, one by one. Later, finally! the new theme 🙂 See you! Gera… Continue Reading

Moving to WordPress in several weeks

Again I’ve some issue with the IntenseDebate comment system. Apart that I’ve 2 areas to comment (a problem never solved by them till now), other problem is that one single reply of a comment I’ve done by email, generated thousands of my own replies (there are still there, I was bored after deleting some hundreds).… Continue Reading

Blogging Ideas: Using Stats Inspiration to Enlighten Your Blog Like a Zen Master

Blogging ideas: where can they come from? It’s crucial for every blogger to have inspiration on its journey on the blogosphere. Blog-post ideas can emerge from unexpected sources, from outside and inside of your blog. No matter the niche, you need to have something in your mind, fresh, pretty unique, a different standpoint of the… Continue Reading

Interviewed by Ileane of Basic Blog Tips!

I’ve been interviewed by Ileane of Basic Blog Tips – woot! Thank you a lot! 🙂 Ileane is an awesome blogger that enjoy sharing blogging tutorials, social media, podcasts and video-tutorials plus how-to videos. For instance, check out this last useful post about feedburner real time stats and twitter. => At this – interview –… Continue Reading