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Sweet Dessert Recipes for Picnic

* This is a guest post by Chen Sweet-tasting foods are often associated with desserts. However, sweet taste can also be found in fruits, milk, grains, and some vegetables. By nature, the taste of sweetness in food is moist and cooling. That is why combining sweet taste with any of the picnic ideas on food… Continue Reading

Getting enough sun and Vitamin D

* The following guest post was contributed by Charlotte Walker. For the past few decades the importance of staying safe in the sun has been repeatedly stressed. Too much exposure to the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays can cause sunburn and in some cases, lead to skin cancer. However, getting enough sun exposure is vital for… Continue Reading

Foodies: Best of the Week

Next weeks, I’ll be a little complicated to write and visit other blogs, for a health issue, concretely a surgery in my family. For this reason, I’m mixing guest posts like this, about of how to lose weight by eating right foods and some others that will be coming. Now to the Best of the… Continue Reading