Fitness Self-Motivation in Social Media Community

Fitness Self-Motivation in Social Media Community


Everyone wants to be fit and healthy and everyone wants to be happy with their physical appearance, but, despite the truth of that statement, there is no doubt that trends like obesity and sedentary lifestyles are often winning out over that desire for many people.

Waistlines are growing, food is becoming ever more processed and working out is a chore for many of us accustomed to an indulgent lifestyle.

If you’re looking to get yourself pumped up to make healthier choices in eating and exercising, we have both good news and bad news for you.

The bad news is, no matter how much you want to get fit, you’re going to need heaps of motivation to make the necessary changes and then continue on your positive path.

The good news is that the motivation that you need is probably much easier to come by than you think!

While there are thousands of ways to get yourself excited about living a more healthy life, many of them personal and unique to you, the internet makes it almost impossible for like-minded, fitness-oriented people not to connect!

Whether it’s your preferred source of inspiration or not, the positive experiences of other people and the resulting wisdom that they have to impart is sure to be your most influential and helpful source of motivation throughout what is sometimes a difficult process.

If getting into shape via an improved diet and exercise regime is your goal, then you’ll need to start working on the attitude behind it today, and what better way than via the social media platforms that you’re likely already using?

Given the wild popularity of Twitter for nutrition chatter, Facebook for food bloggers and Pinterest for useful fitness infographics, to name a few, you’re unlikely to find more useful platforms when it comes to keeping motivated.

Here are a few great spots to get fitness self-motivation in the social media community:


1. Pinterest: Motivation Fitness

Fitness self motivation social media

Staying freshly motivated and inspired when it comes to breaking a sweat is crucial, and that means wasting absolutely no time when it comes to getting pumped, making this Pinterest page a welcome sight when you need a lift up off of your seat and into the gym!

Focusing on instructographics, infographics, and other forms of imagery that take a look at the many different aspects of exercise, along with a side of laughs served up by the dash of humor that is included, this source of fitness motivation is one that, with 550 pins, will take you a long while to dry up.

2. Facebook: Fitness Motivation

social media community fitness self motivation

Built by a single woman, but now contributed to by its more than 3,000 members, The Fitness Motivation page on Facebook is designed for one purpose and one purpose only: to help those trying to lose weight, diet or exercise to get moving when they come looking for self-motivation.

Besides the regular fare of motivational quotes and pictures, this page play host to real fitness motivation conversation by real people, making it instantly useful in a very real way. Whether you become a lurker and skip through the motivational chatter or, even better, you become an active participant within it, you have the opportunity to connect in a personal way with people just like you who are up to exactly the same thing.

Given the fact that you likely use Facebook already, this source of fitness push ranks a notch above those on other social media platforms in its ability to sync itself to your life with nothing more than the click of a “like” button.

3. Twitter: Fitness Motivation 365 24/7

Fitness self motivation social media

If motivational quotes are your thing, this Twitter account should be right up your alley! With fairly consistent daily postings that don’t come often enough to be a nuisance, those looking to subtly add a bit of fitness inspiration to their Twitter feed would do well to follow this account.

As with the Facebook page detailed above, this account’s simple presence on Twitter means that it is likely something that would be easy for you to add to your daily media intake. And don’t stop there: given its mass popularity, there is an endless amount of motivational health and fitness content to be digested via Twitter!

4. YouTube: Intense Fitness TV


If getting basically fit is only one stop on your eventual path to getting absolutely ripped, allow the muscle-bound cast of these motivational and instructional videos to help guide you in the right direction.

With all of the ease of use that you know and love with YouTube, this channel offers 27 videos that touch on various aspects of getting and staying pumped, both physically and mentally, making it a great stop during an online scouring for inspiration in the fitness department.

5. Reddit: Fitness


If connecting with other real, live people is your favorite route to motivation in the healthy living department, then the Fitness category on Reddit is where you should be.

Boasting all of the quirky content that Reddit is well-known for, the network’s fitness section offers a constantly updated stream of information posted from other fitness-oriented web surfers from around the world, ensuring that there is something fresh and new to dig into every single time you visit.

Looking for healthy recipes? You’ll find them here. Exercise routine outlines and gym schedules? You’ll find those, too. Given the wide array of people who utilize Reddit for opinions and ideas, you’ll find just about anything you need at any given moment, making this a wonderful bookmark to click when you need that extra push towards your yoga mat or weights!


With hundreds of millions of like-minded people floating around the social media universe at any given moment, getting a boost in the inspiration department is never any further away than your Facebook, Twitter or other social media account, and there is no excuse not to put those sources to good use when you need them!

Author byline: This post was written by Anna Fox, who is passionate about health, fitness, and self-improvement. You can find more articles by Anna here or get in touch with her on Facebook or Twitter.




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27 Responses to Fitness Self-Motivation in Social Media Community

  1. Not sure I want to look like that dude, but you’re right about motivation. It’s not easy, but when it becomes habit, it’s a bit easier!

    • I agree with you Belinda. As they say – Old habits die hard. But to make something an habit you need a strong will power and motivation to make a first step. Some times it is extremely hard.

  2. hard to have motivation around the holidays we make up lots of excuses.. trying to stay fit and healthy is alot of work but looking at old photos motivates me.. great article MERRY CHRISTMAS!

    • Thanks Claudia. Sometimes I’m also using my old photos and a mirror as a push to get out from my cozy couch to a gym. Merry Christmas!

  3. Anna, you are so right. It takes lots of motivation to eat healthy and be fit, and I think these are great places to get that motivation. But I think the best place is within you, by creating your own motivation plan that connects with the unique person you are.
    If this sounds interesting, my website, BobAPrentiss com, and my book, iMotivateMe, are about creating such a plan.
    Best wishes,

  4. Strangely, exercise and good diet give one motivation and energy, but it’s hard to get started. Just remember how good you felt *after* you worked out last and do it again.

    • Yeah. In the beginning you work hard to make a first move. And then you make thousands of efforts not to forget about the result (or the main aim).

  5. Ah, motivation… Great tips. I have no problem eating well, but I wish I’d have the motivation to exercise regularly.



    • Rosa, if it is hard for you to do it by yourself you should try to find a good gym and to work out with a coach. Later you’ll need no motivation because regular exercises will become your habit and part of lifestyle.

  6. Now these are great tips. Everyone needs a lift when they are into fitness. The need a lot of motivation to keep them going and to boost up their confidence and strength when they everything seems to be going difficultly for them. Thank you for sharing this to us!

    Best Regards,


  7. I found that since I sarted blogging have gained weight and my cholesterol has gone up. I enjoyed reading this post…I have to get motivated.

    Gera: I am planing a trip to Buenos Aires in March for about 2 months…how far are you from BA…

    • Norma I know the cholesterol is an issue! I’m in Montevideo; BA to Montevideo in straight line, is about 200 km. For water and later by bus is about 5 hours or more. By the moment, I don’t have plans for a trip there. But perhaps if you come here, we can meet 😉

    • Neil, I totally agree with you. A big deal always begins from small things. And improving of your body image is a very sophisticated process in which motivation plays role of everyday small bricks for the road to physical activity and better shape building.

  8. Hello Ana,

    I enjoyed reading your article. It’s the most comprehensive article I have read on how social media can help me on my fitness goals. Good job Ana!

  9. I usually just use certain music to motivate me when I need it. Honestly I’d never consider things like facebook and youtube, or any other social sites you have mentioned. Bit hard to juggle the ipad while training LOL.. Especially since my favorite form of exercise is swimming..

    • Yep :)It would be a hard trick to do it in a swimming pool. I hope some day Apple will invent a waterproof ipad for these purposes.

  10. Hi,
    I agree with other people. Staying fit and healthy is pretty hard but it’s also easy if you believe in yourself. I always go to Yoga Classes and play with my kids on Just Dance 4! It keeps me fit and in the same time gives me and my kids a family time!
    Thanks for sharing! Keep it up!

    Siena S.

  11. Yeah, it is true the people are obsessed of what they looks like. And I am one of those people. I am not obese, I am just okay but I have some bellyfats that makes me feel ashamed of what I look like.

    • Kelly, you don’t have to be ashamed of it! We all have some bellyfats. But not all of us realize that it can affect our body image or even spoil it. Knowing that you have some problem places on your body is a good push towards getting rid of those excessive centimetres. You know your enemy by sight so it’ll be easier for you to win this battle.

  12. Social media has been very effective in motivating people. If you wanna be fit and healthy, think of the happiness you experience with family and friend. They should be enough to motivate you. Live long bu staying healthy.

    • Sue, I agree with you. Family and friends are huge resource of motivation not only for staying fit but also in other important aspects of life.

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