Google Plus FollowFriday: 50+ Bloggers Worth Following on Google+

Google Plus FollowFriday: 50+ Bloggers Worth Following on Google+

With all the buzz about Google Plus at least, I need to mentioning it! And what better way than to mix different social platforms in one package, then – I’m opening officially the Google Plus #FollowFriday series, in short, Google+ #FF.

Google Plus #FollowFriday: 50+ Bloggers Worth Following on Google+


As you know on Twitter shows up every Friday, a classic of recommendations of other Twitters with hashtags like #FollowFriday, #social media, #blogging, #foodies and tons more. In that form, you can find influencers or noteworthy people to follow and also to add to your Twitter lists.

Why not to combine the concept on the brand new Google Plus network? And even more, I’m not restricted to 140 characters like on Twitter, therefore I can explain deeper why I recommend to those bloggers.

Since Google, started to “ignore” real-time Twitter results for the sake of indexing, therefore the next move will be that you must be on Google+ and your blog too, because the “+1” votes on pages and your G+ stream, will be vital for SEO purposes. Surely when they open the business pages, the hype will be even crazier!

But wait! By the moment, Google Plus is opened by – invitation only – hence I know most of the people are out of it. If you didn’t try it G+ yet, ask me for an invitation with your gmail address on comments and with much pleasure I’ll send you one.

Of course, feel free to add me to your circles on Google Plus and come back to tell how is your experience there.
Google+ opens the doors randomly, if the first time you find it closed, try again. I insisted myself for few days and I entered, without invitation πŸ™‚

As most of the world is out of Google+ (although there is an estimated of 20 millions and increasing) not everybody already know about GooglePlus. If I add that there are a slew of articles Google Plus-related, consequently I won’t write extensively of its characteristics, just I’ll write a brief summary, more links to excellent articles.


What is Google Plus?

In a nutshell, Google Plus is a social network that combines all the best of Twitter, Facebook, Gbuzz (I don’t have clear this point tough LOL), and other social sites like, FriendFeed, in a clean design and interface, but with new concepts and formulas.Β  (As always, it doesn’t matter the social channel, avoid these social media mistakes)

Circles – you can manage your friends / followers like Twitter or Facebook; super cool the way “drag and drop” to do it.

Sparks – you can read, watch or share tailoring to your needs.

Hangouts – great to share multi-video online with your friends or followers. Think, the huge benefits for business meeting with this service?

Stream – like Facebook the news are updating in real time according to your followers and friends.

Sharing – you’ve complete control on where you share a person, specific circles and / or completely public. For sending a private message, just share only the same only with her/him name and done. How neat! Adding the first letters after a “+” or @ (like Twitter) will open the names-matched allowing you to share with them.

Photos – upload them and you’ll have a slideshow to navigate.

Privacy – extremely important, you’ve full control on your profile and privacy – also specifically for Google+.
I suggest disabling all email – notifications to avoid noise. You’ll have on the top right of your screen the incoming notifications in red color. It’s enough with this option for managing the flow of G+ notifications. More followers, with more conversations, inevitably, will lead to saturate your email.

Mobile – certainly there are and will be all type of applications to enjoy them on the go. First, they are featuring Android apps (their own mobile operating system), just to start…very recently the iPhone App is now, available.

Business Pages – They are already being tested in few cases and they will be rolling out by the G+ team soon.


More Google Plus Resources:

  1. Google+: The Complete Guide by Ben Parr / Mashable
  2. The Best Google Plus Tutorials by Hesham / FamousBloggers
  3. How to Get Started With Google+, Your Complete Guide by Kristi / SocialMediaExaminer
  4. How to use Google + – a quick guide and thoughts on Google Plus by Lisa Myers / StateofSearch
  5. Getting Off The Fence On The Subject Of Google + by Niall Harbison / SimplyZesty
  6. Top 100 People on Google+ and 7 Reasons Why Google+ Drives Hyperactive Engagement by Jeff Bullas.
  7. Top Chrome Extensions For Google Plus by Jenni R / IntenseBlog


Why I’m loving Google+? Because of its simplicity, the way you can share posts/messages and for its privacy. The Facebook’s privacy was and it’s a nightmare to control.
Also, did I say that isn’t much noise with games, pokes, and so on? Well, at least till so far…
Definitively, on the future will appear ads, and other not so cool stuff – so we need to expect the evolution of the same.

Now, let’s move on. This first time, I’ll expose these superb bloggers in different fields here on my blog and also directly on my Google+ account. Later, I’ll do it when it’s possible directly only in my GooglePlus.

As you bet, having millions of users, I cannot mention so many, therefore I’ll put the ones that are in my social circles (not in G+, no pun intended) that I read, share and comment relatively frequent (but not always, I’ve the chance for the lack of time)

The bloggers I’ll mention are related to: #socialmedia, #blogging, #business, #webmarketing #technology and #foodies.
In no particular order and certainly, suggest in comments notable bloggers that I can add on future editions on my G+.

  • Kristi Hines – Blogging and social media enthusiast who loves photography, tennis, and salsa
  • Hesham Zebida – Blogging was only the start!
  • DiTesco (FP) – Business Consultant & Entrepreneur
  • Aaron Lee – Average joe with a huge addiction to socializing
  • Ileane Smith – I spend most of my day online – WordPress blogging and tech tips!
  • Karen Woodham – I love writing music and blogging – Blazing Minds.
  • Larry Brauner – Search and Social Strategist
  • Tia Peterson – Bizchickblogs
  • Kathleen S – AreyouHungry
  • Justin Germino – IT Manager by day and Technology Blogger by night.
  • Gail Gardner – GrowMap: MAP Your Path to GROW Your Business or Blog
  • Ann Smarty – I am a search blogger at and owner of
  • Vernessa Taylor – CoachNotesBlog
  • Francisco Rosales – I help people be successful online
  • John Paul Aguiar – Blogger – Social Media Pusher – Helping You Build A Better Blog and Drive
  • Michele Welch – The Online Business Trainer helping entrepreneurs create an online business
  • Chris Brogan – Helping people own their future.
  • Tamar Weinberg – I like the internets.
  • Danny Brown – every giant was born small –
  • Marko Saric – I help bloggers succeed.
  • Louis Gray – Silicon Valley Early Adopter and Technology Geek Blogger.
  • Tadeusz Szewczyk – #1 SEO 2.0 – I’m known as Tad Chef & onReact, a business blogger, SEO consultant
  • Brian Belfitt – SEO and Marketing Guy!
  • Mari Smith – Passionate Social Media Leader, Facebook Marketing & Relationship Marketing Speaker and Author
  • Fran Aslam – Words are my business and I trade my words for dollars, as an expert online writer
  • Ana Hoffman – YourNetBiz
  • Tristan Higbee – I run and
  • Andy Bailey– The geek behind the CommentLuv plugin
  • Peter Pelliccia – Blogger extraordinaire
  • Chris Garrett – Internet and Content Marketing Coach and General Web Geek
  • Claudia Lamascolo – Store manager by day blogger by night
  • Rebecca Subbiah – A Mum, Food Blogger, Dietitian, recipe App developer and World traveler.
  • Dennis Littley – Food Blogger at More Than A Mount Full – A Culinary Journey
  • Jason Manheim – WordPress theme developer, health and fitness enthusiast. Geek.
  • Jeff Bullas – Blogger, writer and speaker on social media and digital marketing
  • Dino Dogan – Founder of Lousy Martial Artist & recovering Engineer.
  • David Risley – Entrepreneur, Blogger, Author, Husband, Daddy.
  • Darren Rowse – ProBlogger
  • Brian Solis – | | @briansolis
  • Pat Flynn – I’m a professional blogger and podcast host for The Smart Passive Income Blog
  • Pam Moore – @PamMktgNut CEO / Founder FruitZoom, Inc.
  • Tuan Do – CEO & Founder of Tek3D Blog
  • Brian Clark – Cheating on Twitter with Google to spite Facebook
  • Derek Halpern – I’m 99% useless, but that 1% when I’m not, I’m dangerous. Learn how at my marketing blog SocialTriggers.
  • Michael Stelzner – CEO and Founder of
  • Harsh Agrawal – I’m a professional blogger. Social media lover and SEO adviser
  • Christian Hollingsworth – I’m a writer at heart who happens to blog + opera singer.
  • Kiesha Easley – Blogger, writer:
  • Extreme John – Business Founder and Social Media ADDICT
  • Jane Sheeba – A passionate blogger and a freelance writer
  • Lye Kuek Hin – Findmyblogway
  • Mitch Mitchell – Professional business consultant in many areas; ask me how I can help you.


How are your feelings about Google+?
Would you abandon other platforms like Twitter or Facebook for the brand new G+?
Suggest in comments other bloggers to be featured in future editions, directly on my Google+.


107 Responses to Google Plus FollowFriday: 50+ Bloggers Worth Following on Google+

  1. Hey Gera, I’m really enjoying Google+. It is quite simple to use. I like the idea of sharing within particular circles and having the ability to read only those circles in the stream. I haven’t tried the hangout yet but did check out sparks, very easy to find what interests you.

    Did you see the profile widget share today? I think I added it to my +1 list if you’re interested.

    Thanks for the mention. Will see you soon I’m sure πŸ™‚

    Have a great weekend.

    • Kathy I agree with you. GooglePlus is simple, the sharing options are better than Facebook and you’ve control on them. Sparks are great, although nobody knows how the information is collected and with which criterion. I didn’t try yet hangouts too.

      I don’t know the profile widget share today; can you give me the URL? Checked on Google, but I don’t know if I’ve found the right none. Thanks and we’ll see there πŸ™‚

        • Oh I see. I tried plugsdev and it never could find my Google+ id (an error that the developer said was frequent) then I ended deleting, even didn’t work at all, although my installation is updated.

          I don’t want to edit Google+ icons and add links by myself, therefore I’m waiting some update of any social widget to show an icon of Google+ and this can be enough for me and perhaps, I delete the Google+ widget I’ve now.

          I’ll check that feed widget, thanks a lot and will see how results.

          Have a very good weekend! πŸ™‚

  2. Hey Gera, really nice stuff my friend!

    I was sure that someone will do it, glad you were the one πŸ™‚

    Have a wonderful weekend a head!

    • Thanks Hesham! Nobody has done it till now – it’s good to know I’m apparently the first πŸ™‚

      Have a great weekend too!

  3. Hi Gera, this is such a neat idea. I admit I had fun going down the list of names and seeing what their Google + bios are. Looks like most of us are using keywords, that really convey the message of what we do. Thanks for including me and for the link love too. Great idea to bring a bit of Twitter over into Google +

    • Thanks a lot! Ileane you’ve been a pioneer on Google+ πŸ™‚

      Yes most of people are using keywords; it was pretty obvious for SEO. Even more in G+, a good profile is important.

      I like Twitter, so why not extrapolate the idea of #FF and take it to G+ πŸ™‚

  4. Thanks so much for including me in the list, Gera.
    You’ve made me busy to follow these great bloggers. Google+ is quite a great place for bloggers as Twitter looks a little spammy now.
    Great weekend, mate.

    • Tuan a real pleasure! There are on Google+ great bloggers and having a brief list is much easier to find them.

      On Twitter the automation is turning it spammy. The day G+ opens the doors for full automation sending feeds and bots adding people, we’d have the same landscape on Google +.

      Excellent weekend too!

  5. I got a couple of invitations to join but haven’t done so yet…I dread being ‘out there’ on yet another platform and the fact that it was in “test” somewhat concerned me. (I don’t know why.)

    But after reading this, I’ll probably check it out.

    • Joan certainly our times must be managed wisely; we cannot be on social sites all day. I use them in bursts, cutting noise and to improve the performance of other things.

      About Google+, yes it’s in test-mood, but for me is a great opportunity to have a good presence there, because they are the ONE in indexing of all what is in the net.

      You’d try, it’ easier and if you don’t like – you don’t lose anything πŸ˜‰

  6. I will join Google+ later! I’m already swamping with all those different social platforms… ;-P



    • I know Rosa – I struggle myself to have a delicate balance on my social times. Anyway, I recommend that you take a look on Google plus when you’ve a chance πŸ™‚

  7. Hi Gera,

    Thanks for listing me in your new Google+ #FF group. You inspired me to fill out my Google Profile a bit more so now the listing here can better reflect who I am and what I do.

    You know, I am enjoying G+ more than I thought I would. For sure, it is taking the social world by storm!

    • Vernessa always a pleasure! Yes I took the description of every profile listed and a little more extended, is better πŸ™‚

      I try to stay there the less time as possible, but I find very simple and powerful at the same time, so addictive.

      Only I want a desktop application for Google+ or an integration with Hootsuite, Tweetdeck or similar in that way, I can be independent of my gmail to be there. There is a desktop application already live, but isn’t official and don’t know how it’s working.

      Really, it seems that Google plus is a storm and people should follow & engage even more when it will be opened.

      Thanks for all your feedback!

  8. Hi Gera
    I am still trying to figure out google+ thanks for all the great information and thank you for having me in your list, I am honored!
    Have a happy weekend

    • Dennis – You’re very welcomed. Everybody is having a learning curve with Google+, but it’s short and it seems that this time, Google has done its social stuff correctly.

      Enjoy an excellent weekend too πŸ™‚

  9. Invitation please? I really have to learn more about Google Plus. I heard about it only this past week on NPR. I took a quick look but it didn’t go any further than that.

    • Of course Joanne! I’m sending one in a few moments, hope you can enter soon.

      Psss a secret: you’re already on my circles πŸ˜‰
      If you need assistance, just let me know.

    • Everybody need to learn – todos necesitamos aprender, mas en un sitio nuevo. Te mando la invitacion ya. Suerte, ojala puedas entrar. Good luck, hope you can enter soon there, already sent.

      Great weekend for you!

  10. Great list Gera, specially when we are at a stage when we’re not sure who’s already on G+ and who’s not. I’m already clicking to add some people.

    AND, thanks for including me! Have a great weekend my friend.


    • Thanks! Google plus is in its infancy and although there is a lot of information there, but not everybody are in or using it.
      As most of the list was #socialmedia based – you must be there, of course πŸ™‚

      Great weekend for you too!

  11. Interesting idea. Looking through the list, I spotted many names I’m already following on other medias. Google+ sounds definitely interesting, and I would very much like to join, if you care to invite πŸ™‚

    • Jouko really Google+ is getting bigger and so many people to follow. Already sent an invitation – good luck and thanks for coming by!

  12. yes have heard a lot about Google +. But am worrying about managing so many social network sites. the reason I have not ask for an invite from anyone as yet πŸ™‚

  13. Don’t know what happened but I lost you somehow. First time I hear of Google plus. Now I am going to studay all the resources you have included. Thank so much.

    • Rita after my move to WordPress and my recent move off-line, my frequency of posting isn’t the ideal but now we can meet often πŸ˜‰

      Google Plus is brand new, I think it is less than a month of released, but the Google+ hype is enormous.

  14. Thanks so much for mentioning me on your great list am going to have to book mark and check this out tomorrow working all day and night today! You are always a fabulous wealth of information Gera thank you so much for posting this! I am totally Google Challenged~ Best regards and have a great weekend as well! as always Claudia @What’s Cookin!

    • Big pleasure Claudia! Take your time and everybody is more and less GooglePlus challenged – is very new on the social arena.

      Great weekend too!

  15. Gera.. great idea.. and TY for including me.

    I’m still a Google+ Dummy, but I’m learning haha

    I believe I have circled most these bloggers, but will have to go thru to make sure.

    Thanks Again.

    • Certainly, as this post is social-based, you must be mentioned πŸ™‚

      John, we are all Google+ dummies in some aspects, and who knows the new facets of them coming.

      On Google Plus to follow people is easy, but is easier with a pre-filter like the #FF LOL.

    • Thanks Emily! Social networking is a vital part of bloggers, but balanced with other tasks, the problem: Google+ is addictive πŸ™‚ Sending an invitation soon!

  16. Your article on Google plus is very interesting and appealing to readers. Thanks and wish to post you more article about it.

    • Thanks Shailesh! I tried to cover a different angle of Google+, because there’s written a lot of this theme recently.

  17. Gera, I am so tempted after reading your article, then I did some more reading through some of the links listed on your post. I’ve decided to give it a try. Please send me an invitation. Thanks Gera πŸ™‚ I might need to send you an e-mail, if I have some silly question, LOL.

    • Dewi the temptation is great with Google Plus, you’ll see by yourself. Sending an invitation in a few moments and of course if you have some question, you know where to find me πŸ˜‰

  18. Gera, thank you so much for the invite! I am so excited to start, although I have no idea what I am doing. But, it was the same case for me with FB, hopefully it won’t be too challenging to figure it out. Thanks once again πŸ™‚

    • My pleasure and in very few days you’ll be using it a full – I needed also some time to adapt it on my mind πŸ™‚

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