Eat Sweets and Still Lose the Belly Fat


Do you know that sugar is actually a health food? It provides instant energy, has zero fat, and makes dishes taste better.

Although it is a health food, it does not make you lose weight. In fact, sweetened foods make you gain weight because the sugar in it tells your body to store fat.

Eat sweets and lose belly fat


When sugar enters your body, your blood glucose level immediately increases. When this happens, your brain will stimulate the release of a hormone that tells your body to store fat.

The increase of this hormone called insulin will be longer as the rise of the blood sugar level is higher, thus causing continuous fat storing status.

However, this does not mean that you should avoid eating your sweet treats because you can actually continue this sweet indulgence and still lose the belly fat if you know how.

This article will give you useful tips to continuously satisfy your sweet tooth without adding a bulk on your tummy.


Tip #1: Decrease blood glucose level

In 2005, a group of Swedish researchers conducted a study regarding the effect of vinegar on the blood glucose level. According to their study, vinegar could decrease the blood sugar levels by 23% and makes a person feel full. In addition to that, vinegar is also said to curb the craving for sweet.

With that fact in mind, consume a vinegar based product or order a salad with vinegar-based dressing (e.g. balsamic vinaigrette) before you eat a sweet dessert.

In this way you get to prepare your body as it lowers your blood glucose level in preparation for the upcoming sweetened dessert.


Tip #2: Burn the calories

It is a fact that the majority of sweet foods contain high amount of calories. However, if you exercise or do activities that burn more calories than the amount of calories these sweets contain, you can actually eat as much sweets as you want while continuously losing weight.

For example: if you eat a moist chocolate cake that contains a whooping 450 calories, by simply extending an hour workout at a stair step mill which could help you burn 477 calories/hr, you actually burn all the calories that the moist cake has plus you have also managed to burn 27 extra calories which could contribute to your weight loss plan.


Tip #3: Choose lower calorie dessert

If you are a slave of your sweet tooth, why not satisfy it by eating low calorie sweet desserts? Try Greek Yogurt with Oranges and Mint with 171 calories, dark chocolate brownie with 111 calories, and fresh honeydew and kiwi smoothie with 110 calories.

These low calorie desserts can satisfy your sweet cravings while requiring less effort in burning them compared to other high calorie desserts.


Tip #4: Keep a food journal

When eating sweets, make sure that you know how much calories they contain and keep it in a food journal. This way, you can track how much calories you have been consuming so far and how much more calories does your body need to call it a day.

Furthermore, food journals also allow you to track how much calories you need to burn in case you have gone beyond your daily calorie limit.


Tip #5: Substitute high calorie ingredients when baking desserts

The most common ingredient for sweet foods is butter. It does make your dessert taste better but it also makes it unhealthy. By using margarine or olive instead, your dessert could become diet-friendly.

Another way is by using fresh fruits instead of artificial sweeteners, non-fat cream and non-fat milk instead of the regular ones, and frozen yogurt instead of ice cream.

Although, this could somehow affect the taste of your dessert, plating it beautifully usually does the trick.

Who says you have to forget sweets when you want to lose belly fat? By following these tips and knowing how to control yourself as well as how to manage these high-calorie snacks will actually allow you to lose belly fat without the need to deprive yourself from having a bite of your favorite snacks.


Guest Post by Jack. Jack writes on how to lose belly fat, providing you with information of how to get rid of the nasty fat from the belly.

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52 Responses to Eat Sweets and Still Lose the Belly Fat

  1. I am always craving for sweet foods and yet I don't have ideas how to lose weight at the same time. I am glad to know these ways, I can now eat sweets as many as I want and still avoid gaining fats.

  2. Most of us wants a dessert after a meal, thanks for this post and for the tips. I learned so much from it. Now. i can baked a delicious and nutritious food for my family. I really love your blog! Keep up the good work.

  3. Great post! A sweet tooth is such a big obstacle when trying to lose weight. These are great tips to go about satisfying it!

    I would just watch out when getting dessert while dining out. They like to pack in the fat and sugar. Like stated above, moderation is key!

    Also, very interesting tip about vinegar. I will be trying that next time I am craving something sweet!

    • Thanks Claudia! I don’t know how it’ll be result the move of the ID comments associated to the articles. Still waiting an answer from ID support.

      Need to make lot of tasks before apply the new theme, still there are several bugs to solve…but sweets are welcome always πŸ™‚

      • Yea baking desserts a very good choice. These are very helpful tips especially for those who can’t live without sweets!

  4. Thanks for sharing, now I know that it doesn’t need
    to torture ourselves if we want to eat cakes.
    I have a sweet tooth, can’t help to eat sweets.
    great post!

  5. I love sweets, I have a big belly fat, but I don’t exercise. I want to get rid of this belly fat because it destroys my “hotness”. LOL How can I find motivation to exercise? Any suggestion?

  6. That is great information. I love the stuff on the vinegar. I am definately going to try that. I have been able to cut down quite a bit on my sweets, with out cutting them out all together, but now I have a little trick I can use to help me with the last few snacks I sneak in there. Thanks loads.

  7. You make a fair point …but sugar is the enemy of weight loss…better cut down on it for faster results.

  8. There’s a brownie that’s only 111 calories? This I’ve got to see for myself! I wonder if it’ll still satisfy my chocolate cravings.


  9. Keeping a food journal is SUCH great advice. When I keep track of everything I eat by writing it down, I do much better at not over-eating because I have to think about things more, like, “Do I REALLY want this going on today’s page?”

  10. These are all great tips! Exercising is vital and allows you to reward yourself every now and then. There are some great apps out there that act as food journals and keep track of calories, I find them very helpful!

  11. Thanks for providing these tips on dealing with sugar and weight loss. The use of vinegar was something I did not know. To lose weight one needs to cut out all sugars.

  12. Awesome post! It’s hard to find what works to lose belly fat, so many fad diets out there, however if you know exactly what diet to folllow you’ll lose belly fat fast. The trick is knowing what to eat and how often.

  13. When you look through fad diets you’re left with hardly any fat burners that actually work, this one will help you lose the belly fat where you want to. look at my website for more info…

  14. it’s better not too often to eat sweet foods if we want to eat them. just 1 or 2 times a week is safe enough when we’re dieting. it’s to kill the feeling of sweet food and assure it that not too excess in eating

  15. I think you have to watch sweets especially too much sugar, too much sugar is no good for you, that’s why I opt for honey.

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