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The Best of the Week is a series of roundup-articles published every week, touching principally themes related to food, blogging and social media.

Blogging & Writing - Social Media - Food Blogs - Facebook - Twitter - SEO - Internet Tools: Best of this Week

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Blogging / Writing – Social Media

Blogging / Writing

* Are Personal Blogs Waning?

* Quality Control a Must When Accepting Guest Posts

* Selecting Info Products ā€“ Top 10 Tips for Best Results

* Influence, Cash, or Hobby: Which Blogging Choice Is Right for You?

* 8 Incredibly Simple Ways to Get More People to Read Your Content

* 10 Most Common Writing Mistakes

* 5 More Mistakes Everyone Makes When Writing for the Web

Social Media

* 6 Essential Steps for Executing Your Social Media Strategy

* 6 Newfangled Social Media Tools Worth Discovering

* Where Addressable Advertising Can Benefit from Social Media

* The 10 Pillars Of A Successful Personal Brand

* How to Promote Your Brand on LinkedIn and Facebook Page with Testimonials (Portfolio)


Food Blogs – Foodies – Recipes


* Sancocho o Sopa de UƱa (Green Plantain Soup)

* Baking | Chicken, Mushroom & Roasted Pepper Julienne ā€¦ where French cuisine deliciously meets Russian Cuisine in India!

* Fried Zucchini Patty Recipe


* Prize Winning Cranberry Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread

* Chocomintarita Macarons and Ladies Night in LA with Chef Marcela Valladolid

* Treadmills + Tiramisu

* Photo of the Day: The Best Chocolate Cake in the World

* Guinness Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting


Article of the Week on Sweets Foods

Guest post: Foods to Ease Morning Sickness

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47 Responses to Blogging & Writing – Social Media – Food Blogs : Best of this Week

  1. This is a concern for most of us – the lacking of time. In my case I'm cutting down unproductive tasks or reducing them to the minimum.

    You're right the panic button doesn't work; still the day has 24 hours!

    Hope you'll enjoy some of the posts and have great weeks of this 2010 that is ending! šŸ™‚

    My recent post Bloggers Vision – 4 Eye Care Tips for You

  2. Really those words can kill blogs!

    If it is possible, bloggers should avoid moderation, but less to register for commenting a no-no.

    My recent post Social Networking- Foodies- Blogging- Link Building- Video- Best of the Week

  3. Thanks so much! and have a fabulous weekend also šŸ™‚

    My recent post Social Networking- Foodies- Blogging- Link Building- Video- Best of the Week

  4. Mia is a pleasure and truly appreciate your feedback, thanks!

    My recent post Social Media – Blogging – Foodies – Internet Tools – Infographics- Best of this Week

  5. Great "best of". I really enjoyed the 10 pillars for building a brand. Solid. Will check some others that I have not yet read.
    My recent post Ways To Make Money Online With Google

  6. I don't want making lengthy lists, but I missed a lot too during the week.

    Good guest article Karen and Google is the winner in my case also šŸ™‚

    My recent post Blogging – Writing- Social Media- Food- Video – Best of this Week

  7. Joanne I much appreciate your good feedback and yes today is re-charged of information šŸ™‚

    My recent post Foods to Ease Morning Sickness

  8. So yummy recipe and a clasic šŸ™‚ My pleasure!

    My recent post Blogging &amp Writing – Social Media – Food Blogs – Facebook – Twitter – SEO – Internet Tools- Best of this Week

  9. Always love these posts, but the recipes, especially at this time of the year have me inspired to bake and cook. Thank you for sharing!
    My recent post Solving a Culinary Caper

  10. I save everything you post…especially this one..I always need help and you seem to read my mind.
    My recent post COLES DE BRUSELAS Y CASTANAS Brussels Sprouts and Chestnuts – ENSALADA DE PAPAS TIBIA warm potato salad

  11. Hi, again, Gera. I included a special "shout-out" to you and your fine blog in my latest post, just to let you know, in case you missed it.

    Thanks again,


  12. Interesting about "personal blogs." Blogging has gotten so – what/?Commerical? Marketing? I still love the personal. Everyone has a story. Thanks for the inclusion, Gera.

  13. Another superlative assembly of posts, Gera. I read 6 of the articles word for word. It dawned on me when discussing blogging with some people last month, that all of the tricks and tips I know about blogging come from your weekly round up.

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