Blogging, Social Media, Foodies, Twitter, SEO, Free Internet Tools: Best of the Week

The Best of the Week is a series of roundup-articles published every week, touching principally themes related to food, blogging and social media.

Blogging, Social Media, Foodies, Twitter, SEO, Free Internet Tools: Best of the Week

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Food Blogs – Foodies – Recipes


* Wok-fried Crabcake Medley with Scallops and Truffled Mashed Potatoes

* Ginataang Kamias/Belimbing Cooked in Coconut Milk

* Sweet, Spicy + Smoky Asian Shrimp β€’ Iron Foodie 2010

* Turkey Cobbler

* Thanksgiving Leftover Becomes Pumpkin Pancakes


* Chocolate with Francois Coconut Rochers

* Honeyandsoy’s Macaron Mastery course

* Baking| Quark-Tata … Daring Bakers Crostata with Quark & Apples {& petit fours too}!

* Walnut & Banana Eggless Cake recipe


Blogging – Social Media – Twitter – SEO – Free Internet Tools


* 13 Ideas for Writing Better than the Next Guy

* 25 Ways to Use the Web to Find Content for Your Blog

* 10 Realizations that Will Crush Your Little Heart In Your First Year of Blogging

* 7 Easy Ways to Add Clients Testimonials to your Blog

* 25 Motivating Reasons To Be A Blog Entrepreneur

* Blue-Shirt Trust: How to Increase Conversions on Everything

* How to Craft a Marketing Story that People Embrace and Share

Social Media

* 8 Social Media Trends Impacting Businesses

* How Do You Socialize an Already Social Brand?


* Three Essential Tips to Growing Sales and Service, One Tweet at a Time

Free Internet Tools

* 17 Useful Free Web Tools for Blogging and Fun

* Software Can Make Blogging A Lot Easier

Article of the Week on Sweets Foods

* Bloggers Vision – 4 Eye Care Tips for You


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35 Responses to Blogging, Social Media, Foodies, Twitter, SEO, Free Internet Tools: Best of the Week

  1. I am overwhelmed. I will be here first thing in the morning with my coffee because I saw at least ten links (probably more) that I must visit and it'sbedtime. Wow, Gera!

  2. Hey Gera!

    There's a surprise waiting for you on my latest blog post! πŸ˜‰

    As a scrolled down the list, the one that stuck out at me was Mushroom Curry. YUM!!!

    Thanks for including the post about writing tips. I'm happy it was so well-received.

    Have a great weekend!
    My recent post Commenting for links Use your name

  3. Howdy, Gera. Thanks for including my latest post this week (at the top, no less – lucky me!). I appreciate it very much.

    Not only do I find great recipes, but you also have so many links to articles on improving blogging, which helps me sort out all these mysteries (OK, I'm not so new any more, after almost 12 months at this!…).

    Your site is a great resource for many of us.

    Thanks again,

    My recent post Leek and Potato Hotpot- Classic Comfort Food from Jolly Olde England

  4. OOOOh boy!!!! free web tools for blogging cool… lots of great recipes as always am honoredt to be among these fabulous cooks what a week in blogging with the holiday! Great line up of info this week, tips and going to catch up with all these goodies here! thanks Gera your the best!
    My recent post Prize Winning Cranberry Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread

  5. Yes you're back with the list I love to love! happy holiday season my friend… thank you for including me in your wonderful list!
    My recent post Baking Lavender Chiffon Cake with Whipped Lemon Curd Frosting

  6. Wow..too bad I am at work and cannot read all right now. The adopt a family caught my eye right away and I am doing that first. Thanks for the add on…the platanos were really good.
    My recent post LITTLE ROUND BRUNCH deconstructed omelete and bacon wrapped plantains

  7. That isn’t the idea to be overwhelmed – but it's nice seeing that you find useful information here πŸ™‚ Thanks!!

    My recent post Bloggers Vision – 4 Eye Care Tips for You

  8. My pleasure Dan! You deserve it. I liked a lot your post so it must be near the tops πŸ˜‰

    The articles on improving blogging I think are essential for all bloggers and it doesn't matter the blogging-individual-experience, we are learning constantly.

    Thanks a lot for your feedback!

    My recent post Interviewed by Ileane of Basic Blog Tips!

  9. Tia thanks a lot for the surprise of your last post! I didn’t expect being on top 11 of your twitter list – really thank you! πŸ™‚

    Yes that mushroom curry sounds so yummy.

    I always appreciate posts about writing tips – I need them to improve mine frequently and yours fits perfect! πŸ˜‰

    Have a great weekend too Tia!

    My recent post Interviewed by Ileane of Basic Blog Tips!

  10. Thanks Deeba! Happy you like these lists with assorted themes, like recipes – they have a pinch for all tastes, including yours, of course πŸ™‚

    My recent post Bloggers Vision – 4 Eye Care Tips for You

  11. Really it is strong, huh? I had the same WOW when I read it! The idea of a beer open source is formidable πŸ™‚

    My recent post Start Blogging Without All the Fuss

  12. Well enjoy them after the work Norma -and tell me which liked you more!

    My recent post Bloggers Vision – 4 Eye Care Tips for You

  13. Thanks a bunch Joanne and have a great weekend too!

    My recent post Social Networking- Foodies- Blogging- Link Building- Video- Best of the Week

  14. Gera,

    Thanks for including me! There's a lot of quality stuff here so I'm honoured!
    My recent post The Thrilling Ride of Guest Posting &amp Results of My Problogger Guest Post!

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