Here we go, again, a forced offline for a week

Hi Everybody!

I need to slow down this week. I’m sick, my throat has a little infection hence I need to take antibiotics, again, for next 10 days – I can’t believe it.
So I’ll be offline for a week approx. Of course, I won’t publish the best of the week.

Stop Blogging

Meantime, thanks for visiting & eventual comments on my posts and hope to see you soon.

Have funny and great week!


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38 Responses to Here we go, again, a forced offline for a week

  1. I myself am suffering from an ear infection that started off as a Sinus and Throat infection 16 days ago, I feel your pain as I just started a 2nd round of stronger antibiotics this morning. Get better soon.

  2. Get well my friend I'll be here when your back up to speed we need you 100%….take care of yourself and we'll see you soon!
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  3. Oh so sorry Gera. Gail has a point about traditional meds treating symptoms. My grandma used to say, Chicken soup heals the body and the soul. God speed!

  4. Hi Gera,

    Hang in there and don't worry…we'll all still be here until you get back. In fact, maybe we'll share an extra post or too so your traffic won't go down. 🙂

    I believe that those who are called are healing and many, many of us are experiencing sinus, ear, and throat issues, problems with chronic fatigue and other signs of detoxing.

    Personally I consider that healing and do not choose to take antibiotics or other prescriptions for the symptoms. Traditional medicine is primarily treating symptoms and not causes.

  5. Sorry to hear you not well Gera. I just started visiting your blog recently and will definitely be back when you are well. Rest us and hope you are better soon.
    Patricia Perth Australia

  6. Don't we just hate being stopped in our busy tracks?

    Gera…I could only wonder why your immune system has taken such a beating lately. Is it that you're working too much or going out having fun too much??? LOL
    In any case…your health is priority and I'm sending you good energies as I'm writing to you ;o)

    All the very best,
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  7. Oh poor you Gera, not again! More hugs and more sunshine to you. Get well soon!!
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  8. Hi Gera, so sorry to hear that you are under the weather, my get well wishes to you and hope you are feeling better real soon 😉
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