Bloggers, Fishes and Kayaks – a Recipe for Your Blogging Success

Which are the connections between blogging with fishes and kayaks? I guarantee a lot! The following was a personal-inspirational story that shocked me – I’m pretty sure it will surprise you too.
Shall we blog?

This story happened to me on end of March 6 years ago, at noon – in a sunny but quite cold day of an ending summer and when autumn was coming. (Just in case, my country Uruguay as is in the South, has warm days from December to March, but with the climate change this is variable)
A friend and I (part of a team of three persons) had that day a training session with kayaks for running races that were approaching.
We needed to “move” a lot as a team because those adventure races need that you give a long effort in a long-time, may be a day or more.

As usual we began to row deep to the “sea” (really is the Rio de la Plata), the water was freezing, even with a sunny day the environment wasn’t utterly pleasant. After rowing several kilometers (miles) in it, at the long distance we see several black river dolphins – here called “toninas”.
Oh we said, let’s speed up to observe closer in the water to those “big fishes”, but after several minutes when we get closer, we saw something strange and the movement-patron was not as usual.

Bloggers, Fishes and Kayaks – a Recipe for Your Blogging Success

Those “black dolphins” were moving relatively straight and in a single file. Closer and closer, we were extremely shocked. Those big fishes weren’t what we thought – they were swimmers!
In the middle of nowhere deep – deep inside, a team of open water swimmers with their black wetsuits of neoprene (that avoid the cold waters) were training. That was absolutely incredible!

We were complaining about the cold water, the wind and those guys were making history! Unfortunately we couldn’t meet in person to those swimmers but we learnt big lessons applicable to all aspects of life and related to bloggers, suit perfect:

# Expect the Unexpected

You never know what will be the next life-move. Is your mindset prepared for new and unexpected blogger-opportunities?
This can be new social circles, new friends, eventual new jobs and the imagination is the limit, but stop: have you clear your long-term blogging strategies when those episodes could occur?

# Push Even More Your Boundaries

Remember those great swimmers? You think that specific blog skill is too hard or complicated, may be, but there are plenty of information at the blogosphere in how-to, manuals and guides of everything! Just search a bit and you’ll find someone/something to help.
Boost your social networking and relationship with other bloggers. If you want to improve further the exposition of your blog beyond of your daily-time-limit in the social arena, consider to not making these social media mistakes.

# Have an Open Mind

Is there a point that you are afraid to ask or publish? Why? Perhaps isn’t too serious like you think.
Explore new social communities out of your normal circle, new software applications for your blog that will help and simplify your routine.
Have you tried new media channels or other marketing techniques? I’m in this process and it’s fascinating how you can learn and achieve with them.

# Work like a Team

Blogging is people and that means you aren’t alone. Try to get fun with other bloggers, sharing their content on social mediums, linking, and if you can, have blog-partners to maximize efforts. Have you tried forums on your niche? You can find friends online (may be great friends offline too) and this is extremely important for bloggers, play as a team.
In the races, every member of a team move forward and have different tasks, but the same objective, to reach the goal the best as possible.

Have you had a personal strong story that opened your mind? Have been affected your blogging in some way for this fact? Do you know a remarkable story to tell?

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35 Responses to Bloggers, Fishes and Kayaks – a Recipe for Your Blogging Success

  1. Ooh! I’m glad to find your site. I’m a co-poster on Ekat’s Kitchen’s Friday Potluck and found you there. I love the combo of food and blogging support/community. I’m kinda new to the blogging world and will definitely be back for more 🙂

  2. Great post, and your lesson was spot on what a great example to share with us. Thank you so much!

  3. Every day should be an exciting learning experience like the one you described here! I’ve been kind of sporadic in my blogging and networking these days. The unexpected seems to be a natural occurrence for me lately.
    Working as a team is a huge part of blogging success regardless of one’s definition of success. There are many different reasons people blog and without support from others what’s the point. Sharing thoughts, successes, and failures with fellow blogger is a bond of sorts, a fellowship that often times spreads across many niches.

    Great analogy and story, Thanks Gera!

  4. Love the way you connected the exciting life incident to the blogging world. very creative. Blogging is so much more than just writing and the best thing that I have achieved from the past 2 years of blogging is the friendship around the world. it is beautiful.
    My recent post Melon Fruit Bowl

  5. That was a fabulous post Gera. It made so interesting with that strange incident. Life teaches in different forms. In fact blogging is marvelous, full of glamour, incidents, ups and downs. Its the great ability you derive lessons from real world events and improve your blog as well as share the tips.
    My recent post Friday Gems and FF- No 1

  6. Man, isn’t this all so true. I’ve pushed myself further than I ever thought I would. Don’t get me wrong I have a lot to learn but food blogging has forced me to expand a diverse and sometimes unrelated skill set in order to improve.

    But I’ll say that the blogging community is in a very warm corner of a sometimes dark internet.

    Great post!
    Matt Kay

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