Blogging Strategies for the Long Term: Which are Yours?

Bloggers should a have a blog strategy for their blogs. But what are blogging strategies? They are steps that you can take to achieve your goals in the long-term run. Becoming a popular blog can take time and you need to be prepared for the process.

Do you see writing constantly and frequently during years? You’d develop a long-term strategy hence these actions will improve notoriously your performance and making your blogging fun plus effective.

There can be countless of advices but I’ll show you 9 principal tips to have success with your blog for the long-haul.

Blogging Strategies for the Long Term: Which are Yours?

# Target a Niche Where You’re Passionate With

Trying to write over and over in subject that you don’t like or is indifferent, really don’t work. Passion is the fuel of the soul and it’s impossible to have success without it.
In case you’ve an established blog and you want to redefine your niche, communicate the changes to your readers as soon as possible.

# Aim Concrete Topics for Your Blog

It’s fundamental to have few or at least solid themes as points to write. If you jump persistently on different areas can be confusing.
At my blog you know you’ll have mostly two areas: foodie-related and blogging/social area with a touch of tech’s flavor, period.
But choosing random topics constantly can be puzzling for your readers; then is paramount to have clear about what are you trying to say.

# Aim Concrete Narrow Themes for Your Blog, but Not Too Much!

If we go to strict narrow topics, it can be beneficial perhaps because may be there is less competition – but, are there enough themes to write for years?

# Avoid Social Media Fails with Other Bloggers

You know that bloggers need bloggers – they aren’t your competitors – is a win-win relationship but if you interact with other bloggers correctly.
Avoid social media mistakes if you want a healthy and fruitful relationship with your peers in the long run.

# Keep a Bank of Ideas

When the inspiration is off, takes your drafts, notes or writes you’ve done – backed up for those moments. Get inspiration for your writing from social media. Brain storm, save your ideas at your mobile or notebook or online at your email. These forgotten topics can enter in your mind, just in time!

# Keep a Bank of Images

At least you’ve your own pictures, it’s a good measure to save these attractive pictures that you’ve found for your post, to spice up the articles. Remember, you cannot use every image you find in the cyberspace, it should be with a correspondent creative commons license or public domain. Here are several resources for stock images free or royalty-free.

I use Google bookmarks and delicious frequently because my bookmarks are mobile with my gmail or at any browser, but you can use your favorite social bookmarking service for that purpose.

# Maintain a Consistent Calendar for Your Posts

It’s clear now that the frequency of your post is the key and not the quantity. You’d publish everyday or every week- having a regular patron of posting – is in this way that your readers will have an idea when you’ll post again. The myth you need to update everyday isn’t true, quality is better than quantity. Focus in the excellence of your posts.

# Learn and Continue Learning Without Lower One’s Guard

Bloggers should know how to engage their readers reinventing themselves constantly according with technology changes; open their blogs for guest posts for new fresh airs; blogging on trending topics, updating regularly their SEO skills for improving Google rankings to increase blog traffic and the list goes on and on…


As every aspect of life, several factors must be combined for a successful blogging strategy and your long-term goals should be concrete more realistic, one step at a time.

Now, which are your blogging strategies for the long-haul? Do you have a concrete strategy for your blog? I’d like to read your advices and experiences in comments!

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65 Responses to Blogging Strategies for the Long Term: Which are Yours?

  1. Great Post. I started with an art blog, switched to a food blog and am now writing weekly columns for newspapers and articles for magazines. Amazing how blogging changed my life!

  2. Great tips Gera.
    Well, I do lack a long-term goal (by long-term I mean really long), but I have an idea of the things that I will do in the next few days. I try to keep some drafts ready. And as you said, I note down ideas whenever I get some.
    I also think that being a part of a community can really aid in the long-term strategy.
    My recent post TnB Weekend Blog Revisit 3

    • Thanks! It isn’t easy but is necessary to plan some moves for the future with concrete actions in the present. Being a part of a community and making solid relationships with other bloggers pay off for mutual benefit.

  3. I believe that one of the most important parts of blogging is to connect with other bloggers. I have made the mistake of not wanting to connect to others and I really didn’t get anywhere using that tactic. Yet if you reach out to others and try to help them then your blog will start to take off.
    My recent post Glimpses on Understanding Life

    • Totally with Julius! Blogging without connecting people isn’t blogging, is just links and search engines.
      Thanks for coming by!

  4. My immediate intention is to keep up my cullinary journey as a hobby…therefore, I really do not figure strategies in the realm of it all.
    For those foodie bloggers wanting to take things in a more profeesional direction…you have served them well…Great info Gera!

    Have a great day,
    My recent post BLUEBERRY ginger citrus GF Muffins

  5. Excellent tips, Gera. I’m so glad constant updating isn’t necessary. And I do “maintain a consistent calendar,” as you pointed out–I post once a week, every Friday morning.

  6. Gera

    These are very good suggestions, though sometimes it is hard to be as consistent as you’re recommending. I’m going ot start following you to learn more.

  7. All the strategies I feel are equally important. Its interesting to know a blogger has to focus to derive motivation and success. With what you’ve shared Gera, a blogger is least likely to get faulty with some risky methods or experience boredom. Keep it up!

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