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* This is a guest post by Charlotte Walker

Health and healthy food gets lots of coverage in the media, and rightly so considering the obesity and diet problems that many nations face. However, it can often be difficult to sort the truth from the hype: what are the stories we should pay attention to?

We’ve taken three recent Vitamin C news stories and looked beneath the headlines.


Orange Fruit - Vitamin C in the News
Headline: Nutritional Supplements Prevent Hair Loss: Vitamin C, Lysine, Omega 3

One website reported that some nutritional supplements, including Vitamin C, could prevent hair loss. It claimed that it was the vitamin’s antioxidant properties that had this effect (1).

Is it true?

Whilst vitamins and minerals are essential for the healthy growth of hair, hair loss is often caused by genetic factors which are outside human control. Stress, poor diet and other factors can also play a role in hair loss. Vitamins alone, therefore, cannot prevent hair loss, but do contribute to the health of the hair (2).

Headline: Vitamin C cuts smoking-induced atherosclerosis risk

A new study featured in the Journal of Atherosclerosis and Thrombosis found that Vitamin C helped to protect against the thickening of artery walls (medically known as atherosclerosis) which was caused by smoking (3).

Is it true?

Smoking causes lots of free radicals to enter the body; free radicals are cell damaging particles that can cause a plethora of health problems. These include contributing to the build up of fatty deposits which cause artery walls to thicken. Vitamin C has antioxidant properties which help to combat the effects of free radicals.

The researchers conclude: “Exposure of guinea pigs to cigarette smoke causes the development of atherosclerosis, which can be prevented by vitamin C supplement” (4). However, as the study was carried out on guinea pigs it is unknown whether the same effects would be experienced in humans. Further research is therefore required.

Headline: Vitamin C and zinc help treat coughs and colds

This article states that taking Vitamin C (as well as zinc) can help cut the severity of your cough or cold (5).

Is it true?

The mainstream belief that Vitamin C helps colds was established in the 1970’s, when Nobel prize-winning scientist Linus Pauling published a book claiming that taking daily doses of Vitamin C could reduce the common cold by 45% (6).

Today, his theory remains highly controversial. There is some evidence to suggest that while Vitamin C can be beneficial in helping to reduce recovery time for some individuals, it cannot prevent colds from taking hold. The advice that many experts offer is to meet your daily vitamin and mineral requirements through healthy diet (7).

About the Guest Author
Charlotte Walker writes professionally on a number of health topics relating to vitamin supplementation, particularly those featured in the news. Most recently this includes Vitamin C. You can follow her on Twitter using @charlottewalker.

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21 Responses to Vitamin C in The News

  1. I honestly believe that no matter how much Lemon pie induced with tons of vitamin C will be enough for me LOL ;o))
    I do make sure to supplement with Vit. C every day within the normal limits…just in case.
    Great article.

    Ciao for now and flavourful wishes,
    My recent post Searching for STRAWBERRY FIELDS

  2. Interesting facts about Vitamin C! I always knew they were good for you, but wasn't exactly sure how. Great guest post!

  3. I will contiinue to eat my citrus – believing that if you do it year-round, the effects of colds may be shortened? Ormaybe I just love eating Vitamin C rish foods!

  4. Big fan of vitamin C! Could never get enough citrus and now living in Florida has helped that craving immensely. Didn't know about the hair loss tip, I'll be sharing that one for sure, thanks.
    My recent post Asian Infused String Bean Salad

  5. You know, when I have the opportunity to pick fresh citrus from the tree and eat them immediately, the amazing sensations on my lips and mouth let me know how much good nutrition there is in those tiny gifts from the land!

    Bon appetit!

  6. I'm not vitamin c obsessed. It is in my daily vitamin and since I'm the type of person who can never get enough fruit, I don't worry about supplementing that particular vitamin. Although to see the load of supplements I DO take, you'd wonder if I had room for REAL food. 🙂 __Very interesting write up,.

  7. Thanks for all the interesting information on Vitamin C! I haven't even had so much as a sniffle in years and I like to think it's a result of the vitamins I take along with my healthy diet.
    My recent post A Cookbook Giveaway!

  8. A great informative post! Thank you for this Gera.
    When I get the cold, I think psychologically I feel better when I drink lemon or orange or grapefruit juice or a mixture of these. So I will go on having vitamin C.

  9. Interesting article. Everything that I have understood about vitamin C indicates that there really isn’t anything proven in humans. Upper Intake Levels (UI’s) just indicate that the body flushes out the excess that is not used.

  10. Vitamin C was widely known for it’s ability to fight viral infection and boost immune system. It’s an agent that strengthens your immunity and fight against infection that commonly referred to be flu, common colds, fever and cough.

  11. I know a lady who was literally going bald. When she started taking supplements, which included omega’s, her hair stopped falling out and with time got thicker. It really does make a difference.

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