Chile Earthquake, this Natural Disaster is one of the Worst Latest Earthquakes and Social Media Help for It

Chile earthquake, a natural disaster that is one of the major latest earthquakes. This year 2010 didn’t begin well, plagued of earthquake activity. First the terrible one of Haiti and now the Chile earthquake.
Truly, the nature is angry with the world.

The major earthquake has had a magnitude 8.8, hitting Concepcion in Chile, generating waves and damages in Santiago de Chile (Capital), plus in nearer geographical zones like Peru, Argentine, Brazil, and Ecuador.

Tsunami alerts in distance areas like Hawaii and even Japan were dismissed fortunately. The earthquake effects are being perceived practically global and they are affecting strongly the economy of Chile.

Terremoto de Chile de 2010 - The Chile Earthquake 2010

Chilean people was beaten in the middle of the night, aggravating more the situation and some buildings collapsed even they were constructed for seismic standards.

The earthquake-aftershocks are now the biggest theme of the rescue teams. Major chain news like BBC, CNN, CBC and many more are saying that the Chile earthquake death toll is more than 700, so terrible.

Some of Chile earthquake facts: Chile has the major earthquake zones in the world together with various Asian countries.
I visited Chile and I’d like visiting this beautiful country again no matter this extreme seismic activity. I don’t imagine the panic the rest of the population is having without electricity, water and continual aftershocks. After some days, the basic services were reestablished in some places, but the victims still are rising.

Reading the news of the earthquake today, I want to make a little contribution showing diverse links I’ve found that can be helpful for the suffered Chilean people, through social media and other traditional media:

Google Person Finder: Chile Earthquake
Spanish (Buscador de Personas: Terremoto en Chile)
(An identical tool released for Haiti)

– Support Disaster Relief in Chile (A hub with enough data and SMS donations in the US only for Chile)
Google’s Relief Page – Google Crisis Response

UStream – TV de Chile

– Chilean Red Cross

Social Media Help to the Chile Earthquake:

On Facebook


Terremoto Chile  on Facebook

Global Disaster Relief on Facebook

– Chile Earthquake Recovery / The New York Times – resources and news update on Facebook

On Twitter

You can use the Twitter search with the following hashtags or labels:


Cruz Roja Chilena on Twitter

CNNChile on Twitter

– The New York Times – Twitter List

– Ushahidi a site dedicated to show information about this Chilean quake

All my prayers, positive thoughts and hugs to the Chilean people.

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Image credit by Terremoto de Chile de 2010

38 Responses to Chile Earthquake, this Natural Disaster is one of the Worst Latest Earthquakes and Social Media Help for It

  1. Thank you for posting this. I have a cousin down there, she went down on a missions trip the day before the earthquake. Impeccable timing, huh? She has managed to update her Facebook, so at least we all know that she and thr group she is with are okay.
    My recent post Spicy Pork Chili

  2. Hi Gera,

    I agree, there have been numerous of tremors being reported in other countries also and this really something we should worry about. I think it is also best for individual families to stock on their supplies just to prepare for the worse.

  3. my heart goes out to those that were affected by the earthquake in chile, great list of links!

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