Want More Reasons to Continue Enjoying Chocolate? Then You Need to Read This!

As a chocoholic, anything chocolate-related, it calls my attention. I guess that you, who are in front of a screen, are often searching new forms to taste this marvelous delight but without feeling guilty. You can eat a small portion of chocolate even if you’re in a healthy diet, but of course, with measure!

Chocolate Gourmet Pastries: Kiwi and Dulce de LecheI’ve had a birthday party recently and there were all these chocolate gourmet pastries; some of them with dulce de leche and kiwi …really scrumptious!

I know that I don’t need you to convince to try the vast gourmet-chocolate universe, but you know that dark chocolate can low your blood pressure, to maintain your blood flowing and have your heart healthy.

This effect is settled by the flavonoids contained in the chocolate (a type of antioxidants) more than several other high-antioxidant foods.
Fortunately, I’m still reading articles that specify that chocolate can give you extra gifts to your health πŸ™‚

* Chocolate passes clinical trial test for artery and heart health
“Daily supplements of a flavonoid-rich chocolate may reduce biochemical markers of arterial hardening and boost heart health, say results of a randomized controlled trial.”

* Health Benefits of Chocolate?

Surely you’ll begin to run to eat more chocolates, but, remember that some chocolates can have high concentration of calories / sugar. Permanently, it’s the same theme: moderation, watching closely your healthy eating habits and not to be sedentary.

After all this sweet talk, I need to go to bite a piece of chocolate!! – and you?


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35 Responses to Want More Reasons to Continue Enjoying Chocolate? Then You Need to Read This!

  1. I thought that they were trying to tell people to eat it slowly. I don't remember the moderation part. I think overall, just take your time and enjoy it without going overboard!

  2. I KNEW there had to be something healthy in something so good.
    Unfortunately my fav. way to eat chocolate is with caramel or toffee underneath it. πŸ™

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