The Reality behind Food Advertising

Everybody knows that a good food image in an ad is taken by professionals and we all know that is edited many times, enhanced with photo editors to achieve the maximum possible to make you drool and buy too!

Food advertising versus reality
But, which is the limit to this process? It isn’t the first time that I buy or order according to a photo & description in a menu and when you receive it, the dish is very different to the original picture.
I don’t know in your place, however I think this is an important theme in fast food chains. In more glamorous restaurants with menu photos the problem is less, but it exists.

The food presentation can be manipulated a lot and if the dish look isn’t good, at least it should taste appealing to the palate.
I know that this phenomenon is called “marketing” more “advertising” and it’s in every place & everyday. If you see food ads in TV, cable and even on internet, often the same are far from reality.

The following article illustrate in pictures that food advertisings can be tricky but in some cases are pretty well, not all is bad in the food kingdom: D
* Food advertising versus reality

How many times you received a dish totally different of what you ordered based in a pic? Have you complained to the restaurant to modify it? Did you return to this restaurant again?

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Photo credit by clspeace

11 Responses to The Reality behind Food Advertising

  1. It is more often than not in the fast food industry, as you noted. My friend once referred to this phenomenon in the early 90's as "the commercial beer". You know, when Budweiser shows a picture of a frosted glass, with the perfect head on it and just one rivulet running down the outside of the glass. Totally different than what you got popping open a can.

    So since then anytime we run into the "marketing vs reality" issue that you write about here, we just say "Look! It's a commercial beer!"

  2. @KennyT
    Agree if taste good lets go on 🙂

    Yes the practice is extended everywhere, the marketing is winning the battle 😀

    Marketing vs real food…win the first!

    It's a common phenomenon to get more customers independently of the real dish!

    The food enter for the eyes first and with good fragrances too 😀

    Right Elra, sometimes they're too much to be true 😀

    @Rosa's Yummy Yums
    Very interesting comparison, it seems that there's photoshop everywhere 😀

    I some cases I've had the same reaction 😉

    @Chow and Chatter
    Thank you Rebecca! 🙂

  3. great points and I am not sure I get why they do it, oh yeah you get suckered in to buying it once, and then you vow to never go back so they get no repeat customers

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