Health & Fitness – 15 Tips and Benefits to Get the Best of You

Exercise, workouts, wellness some of those words are familiar for you.
But how many times have you heard or said these:

  • I’ve no time!
  • I live in a hurry every day!
  • I’m too busy to exercise!
  • I don’t know where to start!
  • Tomorrow I begin!…often never 😉

No excuse is valid; it isn’t necessary to make big trainings or running marathons to have the best health possible…you’re a foodie and me too, there’re so many temptations..sometimes is a bit tricky.. but certainly you can achieve it 🙂
With small changes in your home or office you can beat your sedentary lifestyle!

Health Foods
Lets talk clear: foodies prefer to eat than to make exercise ;)…but you know I’m an amateur-personal trainer (for my friends, relatives and occasionally people I don’t know…) and some of the no-phrases said before were also in my mouth as a food lover 🙂

I don’t give the example of a friend that we begun to train together various years ago, she was with an overweight of more than 55 pounds (25 kgs).
The nutritionist told her that in 1 year you can download doing exercise and eating healthy…in only in 3 months got a normal weight, she was less tired and guess what.. eating more but in a balance way!

In a series of articles on health, nutrition and sports I’m going to expose some health guides, tips & tricks from a foodie point of view -beginning from less to more- you’ll see significant progress, actually you’ll be astonished 🙂

With Regular Physical Activity, Good Hydration & Eating Reasonably You Win:

1.- Prevent heart diseases

2.- Control and improve your blood pressure

3.- Preventing and combating diabetes (potential problem of sweet lovers)

4.- Lose weight – a delicious bonus that always come very good! Practically it’s an epidemic disease in the developed world, in both adults and children

5.- Help to fight depression, anxiety, improving your mood (for the natural endorphins, substances secreted by the body during exercise)

6.- Prevent lumbar and lower back injuries; in hands and feet too (typical of runners with potential falls & sprains…I ate some, but with exercise I’ve minimized them)

7.- Prevention of brain problems (more oxygen in your brain is always good)

8.- Improve your self-esteem and you’ll lower your stress also

9.- Improves your sleep

And the list could go on and on!!

Health & Fitness

If you aren’t accustomed to have an exercise plan, you can start adding a little more movement into your daily life:

10.- In the morning or when you can, stretch your muscles.

11.- In buildings why you don’t use the stairways instead of the elevator (if you aren’t hurried) for example stop the elevator 1 floor before reaching your destination. Quick and easy…

12.- Walk for 10 minutes at least 3 times a day (Read your favorite food blogs and later walk 😉

13.- When shopping or doing some tasks, park your car a few blocks before your destiny and walk.

14.- If you use public transport, pick it some blocks before or get off a few blocks to your destiny (if the day is nice there is no excuse)

15.- Dance! While you listen music dance, it’s an excellent aerobic exercise (if you’re at your office take care… unless you’re a super dancer 😉

After you’ve passed certain sedentary habits, I’ll be increasing the types and classes of exercises, explain different appropriated healthy foods and useful tips…I assure you from my personal experience, you won’t believe it!

Note: Before start to do some “exercise” is a must to get a visit to your doctor! Yes, I’m pretty sure that you already knew it 🙂

I’m very interested to hear your opinions and comments about this health theme.

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37 Responses to Health & Fitness – 15 Tips and Benefits to Get the Best of You

  1. @StickyGooeyCreamyChewy
    Really exercise is the big key in losing weight..diets alone aren’t enough! Thanks so much for the visit Susan!

    Cooking and dance is a great combo. It seems the most popular is dancing..a yummy exercise 😉 Thanks for stopping by Sandie!

    A little of exercise is utterly good for the health. Thanks a lot for coming by Wiffy 🙂

    Happy you like it! Your blog is a gem too and we’ve similar sweet tooth 🙂 Keep up coming and thanks a lot Navita 🙂

    @Passionate About Baking
    This isn’t the intention only a good reminder 🙂 Thanks so much Deeba!

    I’m here! It took some time to compile my latest post about interesting food blogs.
    Hope you’re well and thanks for coming BB!

  2. Thanks for reminding us that foodies can’t get away with reckless eating! 🙂 Wish we could…

  3. Thanks for these awesome tips! Indeed, it is very important to keep in mind that eating healthy is the key to health.

  4. Great article. Honestly very informative with lots of great tips. Choosing a way to lose weight is so hard. There are so many “experts” out there that claim to know how to do it. It really just depends on the person and what they feel comfortable doing. Great information, thanks again!

  5. I am very pleased to have discovered your site. The details was interesting enough I had to bring my wife over and have her view it with me as well. Thank you for all the work and energy you placed into it.

  6. This is a great blog, this is very helpful. We all need to consider our health ,it is really important to our life. I love eating healthy, thats the least you could do if you don’t really feel like exercising. Thanks for this wonderful blog!

  7. These are great tips and benefits Gera, for me #5 is probably the most motivating of the benefits of physically activity. I actually get depressed if I don’t have my exercise 3 times a week.

  8. It really is amazing how much of a difference doing little phsyical things makes. When people talk about physical fitness and getting in shape, they usually view it as some distant looming idea that they wish they could accomplish, instead of starting with the small steps that it takes in order to reach a healthy fitness level.

  9. Healthy living is the most important for every people in this world and for that we need to maintain a proper healthy diet. And these tips are really supportive for maintain a healthy life.

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