Getting Started – a Warm Sunrise to My Food Blog

Getting Started my Food BlogHi and Welcome!

This brief post is to complement my profile.
I’m beginning my sunrise-blog after a while I engaged in other tasks typical of a food blogger who starts, some of which is and will be, to improve my writing in English. My natural language is Spanish (which is a very rich and varied language) but the English enables me to reach other cultures which use it, today, as a universal language.

A question that will make some people:

What can you expect from my food blog?

My proposal is to share all what’s related to food-stuff, from the point of view of a foodie, doing a food-culinary travel with the gourmet desserts that exist in the world 🙂

a Warm Sunrise to my Food BlogPhoto by babasteve

Will it be always about sweets?

Not necessarily, the range will be much larger, having more quantity of sweet articles than ying - yangsavories, but you can imagine that savory-food is necessary (yummy also) to be able to appreciate, for opposition, the sweets-gifts..(ying – yang)

As it’s said, if you’re enthusiast about something (food), express-yourself, this is the case.

Well, here I’!

I’m Gera and You?


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